It's okay to get a little less fucked up. 

86 Eight ball home of the Booze Cucks.

86 8 Ball is located in the mountains of Northern California. Partying is intertwined in the community here . It will always be here and that’s okay . 

Some of us will wear  86 Eight-Ball and go back out,  and that’s okay , keep the 86 8 Ball shirt or hat, have it as a reminder that at one point in your life , you wanted to go a little less hard .


We have lost a lot of good friends in the action sports  community due to substance abuse over the years, and we are tired of it. Eight six eight ball is a clothing brand based on sobriety and recovery


Our long term goal is building an eco system where we all can still be ourselves sober , but not have substances define us . What that looks like is still in the wind . We invite you to take the journey with us .


The clothing and accessory side of the brand is a stepping stone to  raising money to build a duel diagnosis treatment facility for artist and action sports athletes in Northern California along with substance free night time venues to complement the existing places of recovery.


Building this ecosystem will take us some years , So in the mean time , we are focusing on  clothing and accessories.


We are still trying to figure out who we are as a brand and the best way to express what sobriety and being clean looks like to us.


Thank you for finding us , reach out to us with any thoughts or feed back.